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 Exp/SP: x1
Adena: x1

 Spoil: x1
Drop: x1

Manor:  x1 

Weight Limit: x1
Quest Drop: x1
Quest Reward: x1
Raid Boss Drop: x1
Epic RB Jewel Drop: x1
Safe Enchant: 3
Max Enchant: 16
Normal Scroll of Enchant Chance: Retail
Blessed Scroll of Enchant Chance: Retail


Scheme Npc Buffer

Nevit's Advent Blessing

Treasure Chest spawn x5

Recommendation System

Auto Skills learn (No Forgotten)

All monsters drop Blue Eva, very low chance

Full Shop until S84 Vesper (All for Adena (Hard to Buy), only Giran Town)

No sell Mana potion, Enchants or Craft Stamp in Shop

Champion monster drop Mana Potion, very low chance

Craft/Store Offline: Exit Game

Normal Buffs duration: 3 hours

Dances, Songs, Summon, Prophecies: 3 hours
Buff slots: 32+4+12
No Auto Loot | Box Limit: One party

Trade Chat: Global
1st, 2nd, 3rd profession Auto Change for Adena/Ancient Adena
Sub-Class: (Quest required, Buy
first quest for Adena)


.gainxp : Block Experience Gain

.fixwalk : Fix any issue walk

.changepassword : change your password

.buffer : open npc buffer in any zone

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